Bittersweet Heritage Farm is located 1 mile from the village of Port Clyde on the scenic St. George peninsula in midcoast Maine. The mission of the farm is to preserve a farming heritage in St. George, while focusing on the highest standards of animal husbandry and  providing a high quality, local product.


Working under the guidelines of the Maine Department of Agriculture, milk is tested monthly in State Laboratories to assure it meets or exceeds Maine State Dairy standards. Tests also include information on the health of the herd. Further, a thorough inspection of facilities, equipment and water is done on an annual basis. Bittersweet has proudly maintained a clean 12 year record. 

Bittersweet’s herd and flocks are treated like members of the family. Daily handling and careful monitoring assures healthy, happy animals. 

Because we care about all animals, 1% of our caramel sales goes to organizations focused on rescue, rehabilitation and conservation of historic breeds. It’s a small way to make a difference in supporting these efforts.